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Irish distillers come together to make hand sanitizers

Irish Distillers are working on making hand sanitisers to help stock the medical service who are desperate need of them during the COVD-19 pandemic.

It was one of the most in-demand products in the early days of the Irish lockdown and continues to be one that people source out. The alcohol-based gel plays a vital part in frontline efforts for those who are fitting the virus, especially for healthcare professionals.

Irish Distillers said that its distillery in Midleton and its partners Mervue Laboratories in Cork have the necessary products and supply chain to manufacture large quantities of the gel.

Jameson and Midleton Whiskey are just two of the producers who are part of the large drinks conglomerate.

Other smaller distillers and producers across Ireland are also producing their own sanitizers in a bid to combat the shortage during this crisis including Listoke Distillery in Louth, Mór Gin in Offaly and Highbank Orchard in Kilkenny.[0]=68.ARA04XTGealN-OTNrZedUjuOKL4EUg47kcN736_hUdwnWesV_HlmBNl_y1IoQR9VPlG82Bov7hZbLHwqyYT_RBvFH37ZRQDELgrUuo72wmUr6Mv22VsEVj9qpFoe3_YNL5OEVokx8le3md-cVUDn_ufFh0czrD9HmRVQ4O2anv5GX3B0xqRnzJhup6obAsKBWXIbd579urQjWUahxTr_XBoLSsuDoE5ai73IYXqaqmdS4iqsvtYBzkzz0hDSVE5yG1nw4DsapfRyziRSN_AMNti0gY03WgwjhOJvlAiKU3bOSP9n7XGP2ry1y3oUys6Pqyq-eTUmGIbyW4kQtuQrbzxvjw&__tn__=-R

Clonakilty Distillery in Cork will also be using their facility to work on sanitiser.

‘Our main priority is public service, and we feel any company in a position to offer a helping hand right now, should do so,’ CEO Michael Scully said.

‘We are adhering to HSE specifications, creating sanitizers with an alcohol content of 63% ABV. Fortunately, we already have suitable 500 ml PET bottles and equipment in place, which means that we are ready to go into production immediately. We expect to have our first batch of 5,000 bottles ready within the next week.’

The company plans on offering the sanitizer for free to local charities and those most in need and will supply the rest at cost, at first to the local community.

You can read all about how Ireland’s communities and businesses are coming together during this pandemic in my county-by-county breakdown here.


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