The Goal – An Aidhm

We Are Irish has been created to share good news, inspirational stories and positive pieces about Irish people and those with an affinity with Ireland. B’aoibhinn liom dea-scéala a fhógairt, I love to share good news.

The world stands in need of uplifting stories these days.

The Founder – An Bunaitheoir

My name is Úna-Minh Kavanagh (Úna-Minh is my first name) and I’m a multimedia content creator and author from Co. Kerry. I’ve a BA in Irish and Journalism from Dublin City University and I’ve been constantly curious my whole life. I’ve always wanted to try new things.


I love finding stories and I see content as a collaborative effort between myself and the people online and around me!

We Are Irish is a spin-off of a project I did in 2017 which aimed to showcase various people of all shapes, colours and ethnicities that we have in Ireland today. At the time I didn’t think about creating a website but as the years went by and news organisations started to focus on more bleak content, I realised that we could do so much more to promote the good in the world.

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And so, in 2020, this website was born.

We Are Irish was simply formed out of a desire to share good news and interesting stories.

A little more about the journalistic me: I’ve previously written for the newsroom in Lonely Planet, was the content manager for Cooks Academy, was a community journalist in WorldIrish.com (now Irish Central) and worked full-time as a Staff Writer for Her.ie.

My work has appeared extensively online and offline and I’ve done many interviews on the radio, been a keynote speaker at events and have been on many panels.

You can find a full list of all the other media things I’ve done here.

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Licensing – Comhaontuithe Ceadúnaithe

I’ve worked hard to find, source, research and interview people for stories and news pieces. If you wish to use my content on other sites, please contact me for permission first.

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