Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

Wholesome home-based St. Patrick’s Day ‘Parade’ takes place in Clara for twins with autism

A home-run family St. Patrick’s Day ‘parade’ has taken place in Clara, Co. Offaly for twins with autism. This is a really lovely example of the creativity that can be seen across Ireland following the news that all parades have been cancelled.

Taken by Lloyd Bracken who has two 6-year-old twin boys with autism, the mini-home parade was set up as a way to combat their disappointment and as a way to lift the spirits at home.

The home parade in Clara features their Mayor, Kevin the Carrot, opening the parade, a drum, a Minecraft character, a toy tractor and of course the Irish flag.

The proud locals out in full force are just the family and it’s a video that you can’t help but smile about as you watch. Maith sibh!


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