Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

WATCH: NHS staff in Northern Ireland applauded as they enter stores

The staff of the National Health Service (NHS) in Northern Ireland were applauded and given a bouquet of flowers as they entered a Tesco store during their designated ‘NHS hour’.

The hard workers received a well-deserved round of applause in this heartwarming footage which was filmed at a branch in Belfast last weekend.

The video surfaced on social media with workers being filmed arriving during NHS Hour where only staff on the frontline of the British health service can shop in-store.

As seen from the video, the staff at the Tesco in Knocknagoney were keen to show their thanks. Under this new scheme, Tesco opens earlier than usual to ensure that hospital workers have access to essential supermarket items during the Coronavirus pandemic.

This branch of Tesco is located just 10 minutes from Ulster Hospital, and it was the first instance of the new scheme in action.

Michaela Osborne originally posted this video to Facebook with the caption: ‘Showing our appreciation for our amazing NHS staff.’

You can read all about how Ireland’s communities and businesses are coming together during this pandemic in my county-by-county breakdown here.


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