Wed. Jul 10th, 2024

#SelfIsolationHelp is the wholesome hashtag Ireland needs right now

If you’re looking for some wholesome, feel-good updates on social media in the midst all of this chaos, then look no further than #SelfIsolationHelp. Though it may appear to be constant doom and gloom due to COVID-19, a silver lining of digital hope can be seen as people rally together under this hashtag to spread goodwill.

Under the #SelfIsolationHelp hashtag, you will find tons of people volunteering their services to anyone who may need it in the next few days or indeed weeks.

I wrote about Hotel Doolin’s kind gesture to members of its community already but assistance under this hashtag include everything from dropping off messages, to picking up medication or even walking the dog for your neighbours.

Tweets and updates from volunteers have flown in from all corners of Ireland and it is truly heartwarming to see such generosity in the face of adversity.

The idea was started on Twitter by Samantha Kelly, a social media strategist, but has since spread online. One of its most active retweeters is former BBC Executive, Helen O’Rahilly who has been solidly sharing the hashtag tagging on the word ‘help’ to it so people can volunteer.

‘I’m at a loose end since returning from London after 30 years,’ she tells me. ‘Have the builders in at my new house in Dublin so am spending a lot of time on Twitter. Then COVID19 hit. Thought I could do something useful rather than moaning and bulk buying loo rolls.’

‘The hashtag #SelfIsolationHelp went viral, in a good way and now volunteers are signing up around Ireland to help deliver groceries or medicines to people in their local communities who may be vulnerable. Simple idea, superb result.’

People using the hashtags have been finetuning their tweets with specific locations as well so that people can offer their services throughout the country or indeed see who’s offering support.

Follow Helen here to see all of her tweets. Keep the good news rolling!


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