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Six short story, writing and poetry competitions that are still open for submissions (2024)

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Looking to hone your craft? These short story and poetry competitions are still open for submissions.

With hundreds of thousands of people in Ireland now looking for a way to occupy themselves during this difficult time, one such way is through writing short stories and brushing off their writing skills.

Many creative people have a penchant for writing and thankfully though we are living in strange times there are still short story competitions and awards that are taking submissions. It’s worth getting your creative hat on.

The Caterpillar Poetry Prize 2024 [31st March 2024]

“The Caterpillar Poetry Prize is an annual prize for an unpublished poem written by an adult for children aged 7–11. Every year since 2015, The Caterpillar Poetry Prize has been awarded to a single poem by a single judge – among them John Hegley, Chrissie Gittins, Roger McGough, Michael Morpurgo & Michael Rosen.”

More information here.

The London Magazine [31st March 2024]

The London Magazine is the UK’s oldest literary magazine, proud to have published some of the biggest names in poetry including Mary Jean Chan, T. S. Eliot, Ted Hughes, Sylvia Plath, and Philip Larkin. Now, we are excited to announce the launch of our Poetry Prize 2024.

“Established to encourage emerging literary talent, the award provides an opportunity for publication and recognition, as well as rewarding imagination, originality and creativity. The London Magazine is taking submissions for previously previously unpublished poems, no longer than 40 lines. We have no criteria as to theme, form or style but we are looking for fresh and diverse new work. The competition is also open to international entries.”

Check out the website for more information.

The Belfast Review [1 April, 2024]

Submissions open from 1 March to 1 April, 2024 for our second issue (31 July) and the Autumn blog (August to November).

Find out more here.

Short Story

Patricia Leggett Scholarship for the 2024 MFA in Playwriting at The Lir Academy [11th February 2022]

“This bursary is open to writers resident on the island of Ireland to support them to complete the one-year MFA in Playwriting at The Lir Academy, commencing later this autumn. The value of the support is up to €12,000. In order to apply for the scholarship, applicants must be: qualified to degree level, resident in Ireland or Northern Ireland.”

See here for the full details and how to apply.


“The Rialto working in association with the RSPB, BirdLife International, Cambridge Conservation Initiative and The University of Leeds Poetry Centre.

Poems are invited that deal with any aspect of nature and place – these terms will be given a wide interpretation by the judge Zaffar Kunial.”

Further details here.

2024 Summer School [April 2nd, 2024]

“Thanks to the support we receive from the Arts Council and to the continued generosity of our patrons, we are in a position to offer eleven free places at the summer school, one in each workshop. These will be awarded to writers who are either unwaged or on low income. To be considered for a free place, all you need to do is follow the general guidelines below and tick the box on the submission form.”

Find out more about this here.

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  1. I have an idea for a story. I’ve done a couple of rough drafts. I think it’s quite good. It’s partly truth and partly fiction. Do I lost copyright if I submit it and it’s rejucted but not returned. This is assuming a publisher wants hard copy or an on-line method.

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