Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

10 more heartwarming and emotional gestures from An Garda Síochána

It may be difficult to see an end in sight, but those on the frontlines and the Gardaí on the streets are all working hard to keep us safe and lift our spirits.

I’ve previously written about some of the lovely things that An Garda Síochana have been up to the past few weeks but I wanted to pull together even more stories from our officers across Ireland.

From shepherding ducks across the street to continuing to support those who are cocooning, it’s heartwarming to see the connection between the Gardaí and the community in this time of need.

Guiding ducklings to safety in the deserted streets of Cork city

Delivering the Liam MacCarthy and James Nolan U21 Cup

Celebrating more birthdays

Continuing to walk the dogs

Jumpstarting essential workers’ cars

Looking after lambs on the loose!

Collecting essential groceries

Delivering care packages to hospitals

Paying tribute to those who have passed

BONUS: A message from Sergeant Jack Beattie

You can find more heartwarming gestures from An Garda Síochána here.


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