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11 heartwarming gestures from An Garda Síochana during this pandemic

It can be hard to lift the spirits up these days but one group that’s working hard to keep the cogs turning is An Garda Síochana. All across the country, local community Gardaí are doing their bit to keep in touch with everyone on the ground while encouraging social distancing to ensure that we’re on the right track forward.

Here are just eleven of some of the uplifting gestures that An Garda Síochana have done during these difficult times.

Gathering supplies for those who are cocooning

Making sure people are warm

Delivering Easter Eggs

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Wishing people very special Happy Birthdays

Delivering meals on wheels

Making sure that everyone gets their medication

Assisting with changing peoples’ tires

Saluting their staff and wishing them well

Walking the beloved pooches

Delivering the bainne

Bonus: Checking in with our wildlife!

Maith sibh ar fad! It’s great to see that the community spirit is alive and well across Ireland.

If you would like to read up more on heartwarming gestures, take a look at our County-by-County breakdown list here of goodwill.


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2 thoughts on “11 heartwarming gestures from An Garda Síochana during this pandemic”
  1. I am so proud of Ireland right now. To be honest, I had a bit of a cry at some of these gestures. I thought I had dried up after the wee lad’s birthday visit, but then the garda out walking the dog… Feeling a bit overwhelmed.

    1. Ah Mary, thank you so much for your lovely message. Indeed, right now it can be fiercely emotional and difficult to get through these days. Fingers crossed we will all get through it safe and sound. Keep safe and well!

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