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15 Irish language bird names to enjoy today

Irish language bird names

Irish language bird names are stunning but it’s important not to rely on things like Google Translate to hunt down their magical names as you may be led astray.

For this list, I cross-referenced between 4 dictionaries as well as books such as the great ‘Detective in the Wild – A bilingual field book‘ by Éamon de Buitléar.

Some of the birds’ names on this list don’t have sound files, however, I’ve linked to an Irish language synthesiser at the bottom of this article.

Here are 15 Irish language bird names for you to enjoy:

1. Smólach – Thrush
2. Lasair Choille – Goldfinch
3. Donnóg – Dunnock

Listen to the pronunciation of ‘Donnóg’ here.

4. Fearán Baicdhubh – Collared Dove
5. Corcrán Coille – Bullfinch
6. Meantán Gorm – Blue Tit
7. Faoileán – Seagull

Listen to the pronunciation of ‘Faoileán’ here.

8. Meantán Mór – Great Tit
9. Glasán Darach – Greenfinch
10. Gealbhan binne – House Sparrow
11. Rí Rua – Chaffinch
12. Cearc Cheannann – Coot
13. Lon Dubh – Blackbird

See the lead image. You can listen to the pronunciation of ‘Lon Dubh’ here.

14. Spideog – Robin

Listen to the pronunciation of ‘Spideog’ here.

Irish language bird names - spideog (robin)
15. Dreoilín – Wren

Listen to the pronunciation of Dreoilín here.

Did you enjoy this list of Irish language bird names? Have a go at hearing them by clicking the synthesiser here. You can check out our list of Irish language flower names on site too! This piece contains affiliate links.


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8 thoughts on “15 Irish language bird names to enjoy today”
  1. Not sure that’s a blackbird with white patch on forehead. Article is topped by photo of proper blackbird

  2. For heaven’s sake!! When does a wren, (No 15) Irish or otherwise, have a yellow breast, a broad eye stripe and a white “chin”? Sloppy, crappy attention to detail, probably copied from Birds of the Caribbean, starring Johnny Depp & The Prancing Wrens.

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