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International and local artists capture the magic of Birr Castle Demesne

As part of their 400-year celebrations of the Parsons Family living at Birr Castle Demesne, Lord and Lady Rosse are hosting the Through the Artist’s Eye Exhibition which is taking place now until late October.

The Exhibition will feature breathtaking landscape, botanical art, and sculptures.

Award-winning artists such as Lesley Fennell, Andrea Jameson, Sasha Sykes, Susan Sex, Lynn Stringer, Mary Dillion, Alison Rosse, Holly Somerville and Nicola Lynch Morrin are amongst the artists taking place.

Lady Alison Rosse of Birr Castle with one of her paintings

Reflecting the four seasons, the artistic instalments are said to encompass all aspects of the Demesne from the exotic collections, the meadow flowers and spring bulbs to the apple blossom in the orchard and old apple varieties.

There are many collections of specimen plants in the demesne, the most dramatic of which may well be the magnolias, ranging in colour from white to dark pink.

Lady Alison Rosse of Birr Castle with one of her paintings

The Exhibition will run daily from Sunday 13 September to Saturday 24 October during opening hours.

Further updates may take place due to current government COVID guidelines.


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