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New Irish language education series from TG4 Foghlaim and COGG – BÉALBHINN

TG4 Foghlaim has launched a new learning series “Béalbhinn” produced by MOC2 to provide support for the Senior Cycle and A2 Irish.

Béalbhinn is an examination of the diverse and dynamic world of capable young Irish speakers in this new series hosted by Micheál Ó Ciaraidh for TG4 Foghlaim/COGG.

Among the 12 episodes, contributors include Louise Cantillon, Caoimhe Ní Chathail, Donncha Ó Murchú, Tessa Fleming, Jamie Ó Flannúra, Séaghan Ó Suilleabháin, Fiona Ní Fhlaithearta and others.

Béalbhinn covers a range of topics from fashion and music to politics, online life, sports, and culture, providing a personal insight into the lives and achievements of these exceptional individuals.

This series is unique as it emphasizes the crucial role of the Irish language in influencing their journeys.

Attention is given to key phrases and expressions necessary for language learning, aligning with TG4 Foghlaim/COGG and Béalbhinn’s support for the main themes of the Senior cycle and A2 curricula. 

Béalbhinn covers all the various dialects of the Irish language supporting learners from across the country. Participants from different locations such as Gort an Choirce, Kerry, Conamara, and Dublin are interviewed in the series. 

In addition to video segments, COGG has created teaching resources available on TG4 Foghlaim, providing learners with the opportunity to further develop the language featured in the videos. These resources serve as valuable tools for language functioning and acquisition.


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