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New Outdoor Market at Royal Canal Park

A new weekly outdoor market at Royal Canal Park between the beautiful Blessington Basin Park and Phibsborough Village takes place each Friday.

The new food market at Royal Canal Park will operate every Friday from 11.30 am – 6.30 pm showcasing new local and established hot food, grocery food and craft stalls.

The market is very close to the city centre and is easily accessible from Broombridge or through Blessington Street Basin Park which is a green oasis in the city. 

Launched as part of the Phizzzfest festival, enthusiastic locals descended on this tree-lined avenue to express their delight at the new weekly market in their neighbourhood.

The market hosts small artisan food producers selling an array of food and locally and seasonally produced organic fruit and vegetables.

Royal Canal Park

The market at Royal Canal Park hosts an outstanding selection of some of Ireland’s best producers including:

  • Corleggy Cheese and their impeccable collection of farmhouse cheese and complementary products.
  • David Llewellyn’s beautiful and bountiful apple stall, all grown in Lusk. 
  • Fresh Catch sells fresh fish and ready to cook fish dinners.
  • Local florist, the Leahy brothers.
  • Leif Brot, the exceptional sourdough bakery.
  • Irresistible patisserie from Mr Macaron.  
  • Sweet Almond checks all the boxes for vegan sweet treats.
  • Wholesome homemade ice pops from Kahuna Pops. 
  • Vince’s Vines sets up near Blaquiere Bridge and his display of vegetable and herb plants.

People are encouraged to head along to the new market at Royal Canal Park for a great choice of street food, local produce and artisan crafts. 


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