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Enjoy a magical weekend of music at the Hugh Lane Gallery

The Hugh Lane Gallery in Dublin has announced an entire weekend of music this weekend, August 15th and 16th. Four musicians have been invited to respond to paintings in the gallery as part of a musical weekend entitled Strings with Scully and Friends.

The musicians will play live in four selected spaces and visitors can enjoy the music as they move through the various galleries in this beautiful gallery on Saturday and Sunday. The performances will take place from noon to 3pm each day.

In keeping with Covid-19 protocols, the musicians will be more than 2 metres apart and cordoned off from visitors. All visitors must wear masks.

There will be no seating but visitors are instead invited to pause, listen, absorb and move on after a few minutes as the music drifts through the gallery.

Saturday at noon, Aoife Ní Bhriain (Violin) will be playing Irish and French music inspired by Yeats’ The Maggie Man and Roderic O’Conor’s Young Breton Girl (Gallery 4) and at 2 pm Aoife will respond to Sean Scully’s paintings with the metric Bach Fugues (Sean Scully room).

At 1 pm and 3 pm Harpist Úna Monaghan will play using speakers to create a surround sound echoing the three dimensions of Rodin’s sculptures of George Bernard Shaw and Age of Bronze (Sculpture Hall).

On Sunday, at noon and 2 pm Caimin Gilmore who has a keen interest in modern music and, as a bass player will be in the Hugh Lane Gallery in the Sean Scully room.

And, at 1pm and 3pm Larissa O’Grady (Violin) will be drawing inspiration from Landline Gray with the use of sul ponticello in the Sean Scully room.

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