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DCU’s Dungeons and Dragons 24 Hour Charity Livestream

April 13 - April 14

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DCU’s Dungeons and Dragons Society and we will be running a 24-hour charity livestream in aid of Fighting Words Ireland on Twitch.

Fighting Words is a charity that aims to teach children of all ages and backgrounds how to express themselves through creative writing.

Earlier this year the society got the opportunity to teach a few of their members how to play Dungeons and Dragons (DND) as well as run a few one-shots for them.

The livestream will consist of 24 hours of straight DND and four one-shots (short campaigns) run by society members. It’ll start at 4pm on April 13th and finish at 4pm on the 14th.

The four one-shots are all set in a world that the society has created over many years, the fairy domain of doom Vitaheim. The adventures will be rushing to stop a secret organisation from releasing a threat that good destroy Vitaheim as they know it.

The story is spread over the four games with four different Dungeon Masters from their society (Aaron, Laura, Cee & X).

It will be streamed live on their Twitch channel, twitch.tv/dnddcu. More information on their Instagram @dungeons_and_dragons_dcu.

“We think Dnd and other TTRPGs are incredibly important,” says PRO of the society, Ella Anderson.

“It offers a creative freedom that is unparalleled to any other style of game in my opinion, the only real limit is your imagination. Working together with others to create rich immersive worlds and building deep relationships between characters is such a rewarding experience.”

“Our society is partnering with Fighting Words because we want to share this amazing game with the younger generation. Children are some of the best DND players there are because they do not put limits on their creativity. Something unfortunately a lot of us have started to do as we’ve gotten older. Playing pretend doesn’t need to stop once you grow up. The work Fighting Words does is so important. Creative talent does not discriminate but opportunities are never equal. We want kids from all walks of life to be able to explore the world of Dnd.”


April 13
April 14
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