Meaningful Moss Mural Created during Waterford’s Harvest Festival is Unveiled


A beautiful creation of living artwork which was dreamed up and created during Waterford’s Harvest Festival last September has settled into its new home on the entry wall of Garter Lane Arts Centre and it is now unveiled.

The artwork was created under a partnership project by Waterford Harvest Festival and Waterford Sustainable Living Initiative (Waterford Slí) and crafted by the talented artist Aga Krym.

The living art installation draws its inspiration from the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 2: Zero Hunger, showcasing a profound intertwining of art and sustainability.

The mural was meticulously crafted across the weekend of September 9th and 10th, inviting festival-goers to immerse themselves in a creative process that not only captivated festival-goers but also ignited a conversation around global hunger and sustainable living solutions.

This beautiful living artwork is a lasting reminder of our sustainability responsibilities and helps us all to become further aware and help to work towards the UN sustainable development goal of eradicating global hunger. It is artwork that goes beyond aesthetic and we would like to thank Waterford Slí and Age Krym for their support and Aga’s wonderful work on creating this iconic piece of art for the Harvest Festival and the people of Waterford.

Festival co-director Rosy Bent

The mural now adorns the courtyard of the Garter Lane Arts Centre, serving as a continual reminder of the city’s commitment to sustainability and global responsibility.

The synergy between Waterford Slí, the Waterford Harvest Festival, and Garter Lane Arts Centre has culminated in a visual masterpiece that not only beautifies the urban space but also propels the important narrative of Zero Hunger forward, encouraging the community to engage in sustainable living practices.

Aga Krym, the artist behind this remarkable creation, worked closely with Slí Waterford and the Waterford Harvest Festival to bring this vision to life.

The mural encapsulates the ethos of the Waterford Slí initiative and the broader objectives of the Harvest Festival of celebrating the city’s rich agricultural heritage and its modern-day sustainability efforts.

For more information about the Waterford Slí moss mural and the Waterford Harvest Festival click here.

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