IMAGES: UNESCO Dublin Bay Biosphere underwater photography competition winners


Ever wondered what marine life was like in the Dublin Bay biosphere? While many can enjoy the wildlife in the Dublin Bay area only a few have experienced life underwater.

Dublin Bay Biosphere Partnership and Diving Ireland wanted to raise awareness of marine life in Ireland and ran an underwater photography competition to encourage photographers to share stunning sea images. 

Images varied from commonly recognised species such as lobster, seal, and jellyfish to the more unusual dahlia anemones, nudibranchs and skeleton shrimp.

We’re delighted to be working with Diving Ireland to promote awareness of the marine environment and its biodiversity. We were very impressed with all the entrants and the very high standards that the underwater photographers have produced of the diverse range of life exhibited in the UNESCO Dublin Bay Biosphere.

This is especially remarkable in the current climate when getting out to explore the underwater environment of the biosphere and capturing these remarkable images has been very difficult

Leslie Moore, Chairman of the Dublin Bay Biosphere Partnership
1001 1st 2021 Category 4 Tompot Blenny Cat 4 Ivan Donoghue
Image: Ivan Donoghue

Ray Yeates, Honorary President of Diving Ireland added, “We will continue to work with the Dublin Bay Biosphere Partnership to raise awareness of this unique area and to protect it for future generations.”

Dublin Bay Biosphere
Image: Nigel Motyer

The winning photographs and entries will be exhibited in numerous locations around the Dublin Bay Biosphere throughout the coming year.

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