WATCH: Cork grandad lifts the spirits with hilarious fitness video


Irish grandad Kevin Cummins has become a social media sensation following a hilarious clip of fitness exercises designed for older people in isolation at home.

The 75-year-old grandad created this amazing video with a series of essential exercises designed to keep people fit during the coronavirus lockdown. Kevin is a former hurler and co-founder of the Cummins Sports shop chain in Cork.

Not to be played in front of young ones, the clip sees him undertaking exercises with ordinary household objects like chairs but with plenty of well-timed swearing and moaning!

Dubbed ‘Kevin’s Fitness Journey’, it’s clear that Kevin’s definitely in on the joke and we’re hoping to see more from Cummins Sports soon.

Writing alongside the clip on Facebook, the page said: ‘I think we all need a bit of cheering up at the moment, and this video will definitely do just that. For those of you interested in joining “Kevin’s Fitness Journey”, be sure to get yourself suited and booted on’

‘PS. This started off as a bit of fun in our family WhatsApp, it has now gone viral.’

‘Couldn’t see what he was doing for the tears in my eye with laughing. That was hilarious 😂,’ one user wrote.

Many thanks Kevin for this brilliant video!

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  1. Kevin Dwyer says:

    Thank you for the entertainment. I was a student of yours in Colaiste Chroist Ri in 1995, living in California. Hope you’re doing well

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