15 Irish streamers you should follow on Twitch


Update: This list has been updated to include active Irish streamers

Have you met these amazing gamers? Across the board especially online there are fantastic Irish streamers on Twitch who are making waves on the platform. They come from different backgrounds, play a variety of games, and are most of all, entertaining to follow.

Whether you’re into FPS, fighting games, RPGs, creative, interactive, or even just chatting streams, no doubt you’ll find someone on this list who will make your day.

Here are 15 Irish streamers you should check out on Twitch:

1. MsCupcakes

2. Psyche

3. JordeeKai

4. Misslunarmagick

5. Ainevixen

6. Jelly Lawlor

7. Anathra

8. CakeJumper

9. Irish Cate

10. Yunitex

Yes, I shall toot my horn a bit here because I’m a streamer too! I’ve been on the platform now for many years and stream in both Irish and in English.

11. CaseyExplosion

12. Dona Tarte

13. Blue And Queenie

14. LilTamaMochi

15. ItsHannyu

What can I say? We love games.

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