Groundbreaking Portal Sculptures Forge Real-Time Visual Bridge Between Dublin and New York City


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In a special event spanning two continents, officials in Dublin and New York City, simultaneously debuted two groundbreaking public technology portal sculptures—Dublin Portal and NYC Portal —collectively called “The Portal.”

The Portal forms an unprecedented visual bridge between these two iconic cities. Each sculpture features a 24/7 visual livestream from the Portal in the other city, allowing real-time interaction between Dubliners, New Yorkers, and visitors to these two global destinations.

Dublin Portal faces the capital’s main street, O’Connell Street, and captures the iconic vista of Dublin’s GPO building and the Spire together.

Dublin City Council has delivered the sculpture as part of its designation as the European Capital of Smart Tourism 2024. The Portal was unveiled by The Lord Mayor of Dublin, Daithí De Róiste alongside a performance by The Liberties Majorettes in a nod to the New York connection.

We are delighted to connect Dublin with New York which we share a deep historical and cultural bond with. From July the Dublin Portal will also connect to other global city destinations in Poland, Brazil and Lithuania. I would encourage Dubliners and visitors to the City to come and interact with the sculpture and extend an Irish welcome and kindness to cities all over the world.

The Lord Mayor of Dublin, Daithí de Róiste

NYC Portal is located on the Flatiron South Public Plaza at Broadway, Fifth Avenue, and 23rd Street, next to the Flatiron Building.

The Portal connection between Dublin and New York City will run through Autumn 2024. There will be scheduled programming, including cultural performances at each city’s Portal via the live stream.

Programming will kick off in mid-May with a visual program to celebrate New York Design Week Festival. From July the Dublin Portal will also connect to other global city destinations in Poland, Brazil and Lithuania.

Benediktas Gylys, Lithuanian artist, founder of The Portal and entrepreneur said:

“Portals are an invitation to meet people above borders and differences and to experience our world as it really is—united and one. The livestream provides a window between distant locations, allowing people to meet outside of their social circles and cultures, transcend geographical boundaries, and embrace the beauty of global interconnectedness.”

“Two amazing global cities, connected in real time and space. That is something you do not see every day!” said New York City Chief Public Realm Officer Ya-Ting Liu.

“We are so excited to have The Portal as a public interactive art installation, showcasing the vibrancy of our city streets and providing a new point for human connection between New Yorkers and Dubliners. We thank the City of Dublin, NYC DOT Art Program, the Flatiron NoMad Partnership, and the Simons Foundation for bringing this vision to life.”

The Portal is made possible through the collaborative efforts of Flatiron NoMad Partnership, Simons Foundation, NYC DOT Art, Dublin City Council, the EU Capital of Smart Tourism, and team.

For more information on the upcoming events for Dublin Portal visit

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